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I just wish you could see what you mean to me… I wish you could see what I see… I wish you could see yourself through my eyes… Cause if you could, then you’d know why I act the way I do sometimes…

I feel like imma throw up… Go me… :/

Please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess something to you.

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Man… I’m good at fucking up…

if i was a douche, the next time i told a girl that i liked her and she said lets just be friends, i would tell her that i have enough frineds

Have you ever just felt like you’re literally not good enough for anyone? like noone anywhere in the world? like out of the almost 7 billion poeple, you’re on the bottom of the list… like noone cares even though they lie and say they do? yah… thats how i feel

Noone really knows how I feel about myself…


when somebody whos generally nice gets upset over the smallest thing then its probably because theyre fed up of getting walked all over all the time and having their feelings and belongings disregarded by other people so next time someone flips their shit because you took a piece of their food without asking or wore a piece of their clothing without permission you should probably apologise instead of saying they have a short temper or theyre too dramatic

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